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Lovtap is where big hearts meet worthy causes. 100% of your received donation is given directly to approved 501(c)(3) organizations.
No convenience fees, no hassle, just worry-free donating!
Keep all of your good deeds in one place!

Going viral = big money for great causes

1. Join Lovtap

Sign up and help causes that are near and dear to your heart. Make microdonations, raise money, or volunteer.

2. Customise Your Donations

You decide what your taps are worth. Set a tap amount to as little as a dime, share the love.

3. Become a Digital Hero

Scroll through worthy causes and donate with ease; you will only see trustworthy organizations.

4. Deduct Away

We love how charitable you are so we'll itemize your generosity. Get the full tax benefit from being awesome!

How Lovtap Works

With a single tap, you can send a microdonation to a non-profit organization that's accomplishing something you care about. Big things come in small packages. With Lovtap, you decide when, where and how much. You can also share posts, volunteer, and post on behalf of your favorite organizations to raise money for them! Go ahead, fight for your favorite cause, it's easier than ever before.

GETTING STARTED: When you sign up, you'll be asked to define how much your tap is worth.

DONATING: If you set your taps to 10 cents, everytime you tap on the heart of a post, you'll donate 10 cents to that organization.

How Non-Profits Benefit

Lovtap is free, so non-profits can take advantage of...

100% of the money Lovtap receives through our donation network is passed directly to the charity to which it was dedicated. Never deal with the hassle of with convenience fees or potential skimming!
Using Lovtap, 501(c)(3) s can gain exposure and raise awareness for free! Lovtap levels the playing field and helps the little guys compete with major players.
Users can volunteer right from the post options! Once they do, you'll get an email with their contact information. You can also export all of it onto an excel spreadsheet.

Giving a little adds up big!


Set your tap amount and get started! Your spare change can make a real change.

Give Back

Giving doesn't have to hit you in the wallet. Donate your time or expertise to a great cause.

Additional Love

At any point, on any post, you can tap the plus icon to donte a different amount.


Message your friends and organizations within the app. Finding great people or a great cause is simple.

Search Love

Search our network for causes that are near and dear to your heart. You can also connect with people that support things you love!

Charity Mail

Emails are boring. Stay connected to organizations and users with our in-app mail service. Keep all of your good deeds in one place.

Start Giving Back

Make a difference on your own terms.

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